Rajasthan State Gas Limited

(A Joint Venture Company of RSPCL & Gail Gas Limited)

Way Foreword

  • For developing gas infrastructure and promoting the usage of Natural Gas in Rajasthan, RSGL entered into MoU with Govt. of Rajasthan for development of gas infrastructure, distribution of gas to various industrial clusters, implementation of CGD projects and setting up CNG station along various highways in the state of Rajasthan.

  • RSGL is actively considering setting up of a CNG station at Baran for interstate CNG highway between Kota-Baran-Dewas-Mumbai. Also, CNG station will be constructed at Tonk/Bundi forestablishing Jaipur-Kota highway as CNG Corridor as CNG stations are already  operational  at Kukus on Jaipur side and at Kota on other side and by putting up CNG station at Tonk/Bundi, entire Jaipur-Kota NH will be CNG Corridor.