Rajasthan State Gas Limited

(A Joint Venture Company of RSPCL & Gail Gas Limited)

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Gail Gas Limited

GAIL Gas Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Maharatna, GAIL (India) Limited and was incorporated in May 2008 for the smooth implementation of City Gas Distribution (CGD) projects. GAIL Gas Limited is a limited company under the Companies Act,1956.
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Rajasthan State Petroleum Corporation Limited
The Government of Rajasthan conceived the formation of Rajasthan State Petroleum Corporation Ltd (RSPCL) on 10th July, 2008, a Company for the development of vast resource of Oil and Gas in Rajasthan State. RSPCL is a subsidiary of Rajasthan State Mines & Minerals Limited (RSMM) which is proposed to venture into exploration, production, transportation ofgas, City Gas Distribution and Gas Retail Business. For more details about RSMM and RSPCL, please refer below links: