Rajasthan State Gas Limited

(A Joint Venture Company of RSPCL & Gail Gas Limited)

Benefits of PNG

  1. Safe PNG being lighter than air, disperses easily and avoids spontaneous flammability.
  2. Convenient To Use
    • Assured and uninterrupted supply of gas
    • No traffic disruption as supplied through pipelines.
    • No wastage, no underweight cylinders, no hassle for replacement of cylinder, no need for cylinder booking
  3. Economical Economically more viable compared to other fuels in same sector.
  4. Post Paid Billing No advance payment for consumption of gas as billing is being done once in two months based on consumption
  5. Eco–Friendly Natural gas is one of the cleanest burning fossil fuels, and helps improve the quality of air, especially when used in place of other more polluting energy sources. Its combustion results in virtually no atmospheric emissions of sulphurdioxide (SO2), and far lower emissions of carbon monoxide (CO), reactive hydrocarbons and carbon dioxide, than combustion of other fossil fuels.